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PMs London Visit costs millions

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Our nation is paying heavy price for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's frequent visits to London .watch this report and be dazed.(Courtesy Sama Tv)

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  • future says :

    2016-06-28 01:21:15

    Bunch of useless people. Leaders need to look at national interest and not just local politics . Money is wasted, national interests are ignored. Education and infrastructure is ignored. Hope of young people is crushed. I am disgusted. Sad part is that people are accepting all this. One of the leader is in London with no captain of this ship. Their children live, get educated and brought up in UK,Dubai and America. I will ask what interest these leaders have in Pakistan. All their assets are outside of Pakistan . Politics and bureaucracy is business in Pakistan. How much can you make in your official position be you the PM, CM or a bureaucrat and then take it out of country.We the people of Pakistan are accepting this. Who to blame

  • Miral says :

    2016-05-27 05:56:27

    London k dorey se jo aa jati hai chehery pe ronaq log smjhty hain k bemaar ka haal acha hai

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