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Torture cell found in Rahim Yar Khan

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This is the exclusive footage of a private torture cell which was reportedly running in rahim yar khan,this man seems to tease the son of the kamran shah ,organizational member of PMLN, who is now battering the pleading man.

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  • Raja says :

    2016-08-11 11:13:52

    This is just because of keep silence on such things, We didn't spoke up against these kind of gangsters. And they think that they are more power full else they are nothing

  • zeeshan says :

    2016-08-03 12:43:33

    if our nation will educated, so we never see such thing like this.

  • Muwahid says :

    2016-08-03 12:37:32

    Pathetic Indeed these kind of things will come along a system where education and justice has no importance

  • Hamza Riaz says :

    2016-08-03 12:25:08

    Its very important that educated people should come in Police through merit, only then our police will deliver.

  • Mani says :

    2016-08-03 05:51:19

    Sad, short of words to condemn this. One thing, this guy is telling a lie that he has said nothing to kids.

  • Asma says :

    2016-08-03 02:20:59

    This is height of inhumanity. These kind of incidents show clearly how week we are as a nation/muslims. Shocked to see this brutality.

  • Xhayan says :

    2016-08-02 11:41:53

    local police officer has been suspended over this issue but this wont help since violence in the roots of our society now,we will have to have reforms to deal with this kind of mind set

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