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peer-i-jaahil part 2

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this footage shows the social debacle of our society which still believes in these fake individuals who are nothing but shame.

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  • Amna says :

    2016-08-07 01:47:35

    this man and his whole team should be arrested...

  • Amna says :

    2016-08-07 01:45:01

    Extremely shameful... May Allah tala guide us to the right path... and give us the strength too believe in Allah and ask from him only...

  • zeeshan says :

    2016-08-05 12:09:24

    shame full but its literacy at our nation.

  • zeeshan says :

    2016-08-05 12:08:13

  • Yasir Mehmood says :

    2016-08-05 12:05:37

    As per my understanding its not his fault, because their husband, brothers and fathers are standing there

  • Hamza Riaz says :

    2016-08-05 12:00:55

    Shameful act.

  • Nayab Mohsin says :

    2016-08-05 02:08:23

    Why people believe this kind of weird things and why not believed only ALLAH ??

  • Xhayan says :

    2016-08-04 11:21:58

    See?what this Dubba Peer is up to?ignorance is at its best in this Kasoor District.People are even doing Sajda to his,what else to comment on this kind of mind set our illiterate people.

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